Tuesday, January 18, 2011

ugghhh stupidity

Sometimes I wonder if we all feel that others are just stupid, actions, how they think, or how can they think like that.
and then I realize that we have all been on the reciprocating end of that thought...probably with the same person we are thinking it about.

How do you think that your daughter is: 1) not a child 2) can make her own desicions 3) doesnt have to have a relationship with her father 4) you are protecting her from her father 5) but he is supposed to win her trust over 6) but not at his house 7) but he needs to get to  know her 8) but not at his house


And I just got done telling her nicely everything he just told her... ya know how

the only way to stop a child from playing you is real simple...

Parent are to have a united front in everything concerning the children
Communicate with the other parent
Let the child know that they are in agreement with everything - desicions, punishment, rewards
Let the child know that they know what they are doing and it is not going to work anymore, they will do what they are told and if not or there are fits then punishment will ensue, NO EXCEPTIONS

And dont give in because you dont feel like messing with it ( I know how it is to feel like 'fine, fine, whatever I am tired and I dont feel like messing with you so I am going to give in'
If you give in, it will never get better, the child will never learn to obey they will learn how to manipulate their parents and adults around them.
If you can realize that your child is not perfect, you will never win the battle
If you give in to them, you will never win the battle
If you cant suck up the crying, fit throwing, screaming and whatever else comes with it, you will never win the battle
If you cant accept advice or opinions from people who are looking in from the outside and can see things you are wantingly blind to, you will never win the battle
Or, if you know all the above, but do not want to face the truth or dont like the person whom is giving the advice, you will never win.
Get over your personal issues, dont beat around the bush with excuse after excuse (grasping for any reason that pops in your head at the moment to justify your reasonings), realize that you are harming your child more by giving in to them and harming them by teaching them what to say to their elders(shouldnt say to their elders)
And last but not least...
You want some alone time? Do you? Really? Are you ever going to get it?


Because you dont have a spine worth standing up and you are ruled by other people, not to say the least that you are teaching your child to rule over you.

Wait let me say that again..

You are teaching your child to rule over you, manipulate you and generally be a 12 year old adult and you are the 30 year old child. Your Whole Life..

Is there a way to stop it? You get peace, we get peace, she gets peace, kids get peace...hmmmm
Dont be an idiot, stop fooling yourself by thinking your daughter is perfect, yet emotionally distraught to the point where you have to protect her, PUUUULLLLeeeezzzzzzzzeeee..............

Anyways, there is my irritation for the night...

How do you have two people tell you the same thing within an hour, and still deny the truth that is staring right at you?  Denial....Idiocy.....Blindness........Hate........Spite........Controling...........Ignorance............

Well I guess I have talked enought trash on here tonight...we will see what the outcome is when he gets back home.....

Maybe we should tell dan to stop the proceedings, and go ahead with the full force custoday battle adn get it over with...like I thought was the better descision, because nothing gets solved by agreement...not unless the judge has the facts and knows what is going on, judge should have talked to the kids..and made his own descision about what was best...hmmm well isnt that a thought...but since I am the one that is saying it...They will never listen..

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

10/6/2010 Tuesday

W well I know it's been awhile guess I've been cut out lazy not too much has happened, maybe that's good thing, like one of those things where to start talking about something and then all the sudden everybody stops doing it

Of course, there is the usual petty bickering that I've been told that is normal for siblings.  My sisters can be just as bad as my kids, I am sure they will probably not like me much for that, and I am sure I would hear about it tomorrow, O well

Either way I don't have much to say, although I think I have finely nagged everbody enough that's the kids got to come home and not do chores, they were very happy about that excluding dishes after dinner and since Chesney cooked, the boys did the dishes, sissy put away the dishes, and I cleaned the table.

But I have found an option on my computer that allows me to talk into the microphone and the computer will write for me, so I went and got a 20 dollar microphone so I can dictate what I want to say on my homework or any other program I want; it is definitely a little different and you have to speak very clear or you have a sentence that you are no idea what it is supposed to mean.  A good way to relearn the English language and speak all your syllables correctly in every word. " warning " Don't try this if you have an accent, you will have difficulty!" Ha ha
Anyways I had a meeting was a woman  today who is interested in manufacturing custom women's gloves, some very interesting ideas, so I am going to make a sample to put some numbers together and see if it is worth messing with.
(the microphone is going to have two get used to the way I talk at this point I can type much faster for example, if I just talked like this and I did not fix it and let's say I say caregiver picked a pep talk of the headers by a reality I am talking about the powder puff girls at christie's football game the other day maybe it is about her first due to our channel because it just messed up again see them are trying to see my point that could typed it ended been done on to the next set sentence well I and the awning yawning and I'm going to get to bed at night Goodnight

Monday, September 27, 2010

Friday, Sat. Sunday

Well, Friday it is homecoming for Maypearl. Eli is staying with a friend, Chesney is staying with my mom and Trey came home on the bus (to my moms).
There is a parade at 2pm and I am taking Trey and meeting Chesney there, so he can see it, experience something new. It is hot, hot, hot...Went back to mom's.
Chesney stayed and we went home.
I called Sissy's friend and asked her if she wanted to stay the night, she said yes and all I had was Trey. Tried to find him a friend to go with but we are still working on making friends at new school and getting him in the routine. So Johnny took him to go see a movie and I finished my book.

The end....

Chesney is at bowling in the morning, Eli and Sissy are still at their friends and we are hanging out until whatever happens.
I had been wanting to get the kids to pick up the back yard, so I figured I would wait until they all arrived. ( You know, the 'its not fair' topic)
Anyways, Chesney came home, Johnny and Trey went to my mom's to cut some trees down, Eli decided to stay another night as well as Sissy.
So Chesney asks if her friend Mariah can stay the night; her mom is on her way home and said she would drop her off before she went home, I told her that was fine - well lo and behold, her mother changed her mind, and went home instead. So Chesney is calling her dad, grandma anyone to see if they would go get Mariah -- no one could. So I told Chesney that if it wasnt too late I would get her when Johnny came home - so she calls my mom's house and asks to speak to Johnny about what time he is planning on coming home. He said 6-7.
Matt said he would take her home if she found a ride.
Well Johnny calls and asks me what is going on, after Chesney called a second time to see when he was coming home. - I Told him, well he went and picked up Mariah before he came home ( not happy about it)
I call Mariah's mom to see if she would meet Johnny 5 min down the road with Mariah so he wouldnt get lost. No Answer. So I told Chesney to call Mariah and see if we could get a response out of her that way - Mariah answered the phone, asked her mom and she said no, she was tired and wasnt going anywhere. So I told Mariah to put her mom on the phone, and she would not take the phone and told Mariah she wasnt taking the phone. OOOOhhhh - can you imagine me at this point??? I was livid! So I told Mariah to be ready by the time Johnny got there. He brought her home.

Well we have a puppy, got her for Eli's birthday, and she loves to run down the street, loves people, you have to watch her or she will shoot out of the door and be around the block in a couple of minutes.
Johnny is looking for Trey, he is outside on the skateboard going after Sparkles - Johnny told him to come back, and Chesney went to go get her. Well Trey is coming up the driveway, drops the skateboard in the middle of the road and continues up to the house - I said, " Are you going to just leave the skateboard there?" He said, "It is not mine." and proceeded up to the house, I said, " Excuse me, it is not yours? Then why are you riding it?" he said, " I'm not" I had to suck in my breath, and said," well, if it isnt yours and you are not going to pick it up after riding it then you are not allowed to play with it at all." He said, "it isnt mine, so okay"
Johnny came out at that time, and asked what was going on...I was sputtering...So I said, I told him to pick up the skateboard out of the middle of the road and he told me it wasnt his, twice, and Johnny asked him what his problem was...grounded him to his room for the rest of the night..
I am sure Mariah and Chesney had fun with no one to bother them.

The End.


So...Johnny and Trey go to a friends house for a side job...Mariah and Chesney are playing, I figured I would take a break and read a book. Nice outside, no problems (at the moment) just nice and relaxing.
Eli came home, Sissy came home, Johnny and Trey came home.
Told everyone they could take a break from the computer today, Johnny is trying to get some sleep before he goes to work and the computer table is right next to our doorway....go outside, play, nice get out of the house.
Eli has a problem because he was "outside for like 30 min" so I told him he was grounded from the computer for two days since he wanted to throw a fit about what I said.
Everyone goes outback...I figured I would sit out there with them, finish my book, whatever...but there is no where to sit because everything is dirty, muddy or broken.
They all looked terribly bored...so I put the book down and said well lets clean up the backyard, and started giving everyone jobs..including myself.
Pick up all the pool stuff and put it in the box we store it in
Pick up all the trash and clothes

Move the Tables into the laundry room
The radio in the laundry room
Sweep the patio off and the laundry room
Take all the dishes inside the house to get washed. (Like my kitchen knife that has mud caked on it?Why?)(But no one knows what I am talking about)
In reality it did not take that long to get things done.

I had to explain to Sissy twice about picking up the pool stuff, and the trash.
Trey wanted to do what I was telling everyone else to do instead of what I was telling him to do.
Eli wanted to play
Chesney was hanging in the background hoping I wouldnt give her anything else.


Either way, we got everything done, I was in the laundry room - RE-sweeping after the kids - when I heard a shout....

To explain - we have neighbors who we have had an issue with since they moved into the neighborhood. We have had to call the police on them 5 times...to have them quit harassing us...strange...
Anyways, the last time we call the cops we had them press charges for Disorderly Conduct.
A Stray Cat, wandered into my back yard and I have a Pittbull....umm...hmmm....your probably going to get eaten and how stupid of a cat can you be to walk up to a dog that is barking at you????
Anyways, my dog killed it...but as I was coming outside to see what the commotion was, I realized he had a cat, went and got him off of it, picked up the cat - the thing is biting chunks into my finger and died shortly afterwards...the neighbor was cussing, screaming and threateningly advancing towards me about this cat ( that is not even theirs ) The wife is threatening to kill my dog...the husband wants me to show him the cat -  while he is yelling and screaming at me - UM NOO...anyways...called the cops...it did scare me...women are one thing but men when they get into that rage is something else..there are only a few men that I have stood up to when they were in that type of mood, my father and my husband are a couple...but I am usually in the mood too when that happens...but a strange man...no that scares me...

I do not make it a habit of calling the cops on people, but after a while...it is the only thing that you can do to get the harassment to stop.

...........Anyways....The neighbor woman is yelling at MY kids across the fence " You had better not be trying to get my F****** cat over into your F****** yard so your F******* dog can eat it...I better not hear you calling them."

Talk about instantaneous righteous anger!!! WOW..
I stepped out of the laundry room..so she could see me...and I want to say a Bellowing voice..because it surprised me at how loud I was talking with out any effort..."DO NOT TALK TO MY CHILDREN!!  DO NOT SAY ANYTHING TO MY KIDS!!"
She said, " I will say what I want, you better make sure your dog doesnt eat my F****** cats and better make sure your kids arent F******* coaxing them over to feed your F******** dog.


She said , "NO, but we take care of them."

"Well how stupid is it to have cats in an ALL DOG Neighborhood????...DO NOT TALK TO MY KIDS AGAIN OR WE WILL HAVE A PROBLEM< I WILL CALL THE COPS ON YOU>>

She said, " Go ahead"

SO...I Did.
Boy I am going to tell you what , Fastest they have ever been to my house...4 of them....
Told them what was going on...she was next door...well that little sneaky wench..as soon as I told her I was calling the cops, she took her kids with their bikes down the street to the stop sign and came back, so when the cops showed up, she looked innocent of anything (officer...batt my eyes...ugh..)

Anyways...whatever...so she told them I was the one yelling at her..and so on...so on...they dont know blah blah....he said to just call and not tell them, that way they can show up while it is happening and catch them at it..
I said, we dont talk to them, kids included...this is the 5-6 case we have against them. My kids arent stupid enough to call a cat over into our yard to feed him..PULEEEZZZEEE....we have had him for 8 years we know all the animals he has killed and that cat was the first since we have been in town. Would you like to see the list? The dog is on a running line on the other side of our yard so he doesnt bother them and if he is in the back unsupervised there is someone outside with him.
So, next time I will just video the incident and then we will have no question of what or who is right...

But I will say this....she will not do this too many times (kids) or I will end up getting into trouble...I can be vindictive when I need to be...

For the most part things went smoothly the rest of the day...helped the boys build a bark fort...told Eli to shut his mouth no one was allowed to talk to their kids or parents...even if talked to...

Then...that stupid dog, Sparkles, got out...and went into their yard...LOVELY - I had Eli try and get her and when that didnt work I had him get a hot dog - The boy is tearing off pieces and throwing them to her...come on man...be serious...so I told him, " get on the ground, hold the hot dog in your hand, let her walk up to you then you grab her" Told him that 3 times...Finally he got her...
Then....the stray kittens that "they take care of" started coming into our yard, had the kids drop them on the other side of their driveway and the still kept coming back.
Please will it never end...LOL>...

Anyways, their older boy met Chesney at the fence got the kittens and that was the end of our disaster for the day...at least what I can tell you anyways.


I hope you realize that this blog is only about the trials and tribulations (LOL) I go through with the kids, if I put everything that happens in our lives on this blog, well for one, there would be way too much information about the "EX" issues(dont need that) and I would be writing allllllll the time (which I do anyways, I have found in life that taking notes, recordings and videos is the only thing that can help you in whatever issue you may be dealing with.

....Well, I will start on Thursday -

Kids got picked up by Johnny at school, Chesney had been sick that day so she stayed home; once the kids arrived I had everyone start with their homework, after that their chores. Well let me say this, when I talk about chores around our house it is the HUMONGOUS pile of clothes, dishes, trash, whatever they just dont feel like messing with at the moment and then they go to the other parents and it never gets finished, (laundry*** I have two loads left to wash**WHOO)
Anyways, once I get on a roll about cleaning up the house, you better do it the right way the first time or you will do it over and over and over until it is clean.
Such as the dishes. Now how hard is it to wash your dish when you walk to the sink? Not hard, then it is done, clean, no mess.
Chores went like this.
Sissy picked up the garage sale laundry the dogs took out of the bags, that was all over the back room and she washed the dishes.
Trey and Eli are responsible for washing and drying laundry and the trash.
Chesney swept the floors and picked up living room and front porch. (She did the bathroom on Tuesday)

So I tell Eli to take out the trash, and Trey to switch the laundry - Trey looked at me and said, "by myself?" I said, "yes, at the moment, unless you want to question me again and then you can do all by yourself today?"
That got him going.
So I told both boys to pick up all the laundry from off the floor, in the kitchen and stack it neatly in the baskets - of course there was only half the clothes in the baskets with the baskets half full - so I called them in again and said I told yall to get all the laundry off the floor - "well there is no room" - yes there is you can stack the basket against the wall and get the rest of the clothes off the floor and pick them up.
Then they went and cleaned their room.

Sissy started on the dishes and she has a bad habit of, swish over the plate and stick it in the drainer (NASTY) - So I told her, make sure all the dishes are clean, with nothing on them, no grease, no spots of food and the counters wiped down or I will have you re-wash everything, clean or not. A few minutes later she held up a pan and said is this clean? There was so much gunk on the pan, you could look at it from across the room and tell it was dirty. "Does it look clean?" she said "No" ---"Wellll?"
Then she went and cleaned her room.

Chesney sweeps the kitchen floor and starts to put the broom away. I am looking at the floor like, ewww, you call this clean? So I said, look how much dirt I am going to sweep up after you swept and tell me if you did your job correctly? So I did, and of course there was a pile of dirt, then I told her she needed to sweep the hallway and the living room - The correct way?

Everyone finished up their room, I took Chesney to her dad's, and we finished out the night.

Thursday, September 16, 2010


Well, I have not had a chance to interact with the kids yet today, but it is almost time for them to get out of school, we will see what happens when we get home....2pm

Okay, it is 9:40pm..I am doing my homework, on facebook and figured I would take a break and finish the day. Today was okay.
Picked up the kids from school (only kids I pick up are at Maypearl, C/E/T), everyone knew it was Chesney's day, so no problems there; It is Thursday, payday, I drive to Matt's and drop Chesney off, then I swung by Janet's and picked up Sissy, she doesnt have a technical day for riding up front in the car since she doesnt get picked up from school, we live down the street from her school and she walks home and to school.
So I headed to the bank, there was a misunderstanding in my accounts and I had to take care of that, as well as my check - I told the kids (who know they are still grounded) to sit on the couches, stay put and be quiet.
I was probably there for about 15-20 min, I didnt hear anything so I turned around to check on them, and lo and behold, Trey is standing over Sissys chair, they were all in different chairs, Eli is hanging upside down head on the floor with the rest of of him headed up the couch. So I excused myself, walked over, told Trey to sit down, Eli to sit down and I dont want to see any of you out of the chair I see you in now, I know you have energy but this is a business and you need to behave in here, so dont even stand up, you sit on your bottom (which made them giggle) and be still.
I went back to my chair, since I already had a problem I kept checking on them every few minutes, well, I look and they are laying on the couch, saw me looking back and sat up. Looked back again and Trey is standing up, so I walked over again and told them that they were already grounded, we wouldnt be much longer and if I so much as saw them stand up or sprawl out on the couches they would be grounded for another three days. Thank goodness, either we got out of there shortly afterwards or they just decided to behave.
After that I had to go by two places downtown, so I parked the car and figured we would walk there so they could get their energy out a little. So we walked and went up stairs and went downstair and pushed the button to cross the street and waited for the sign to turn, ran across streets, went into the next place and headed back; we got across to the last street and the boys are running, mind you this is downtown - cars are parked on the side of the street so you cant see clearly and Eli is hauling his rear-end across both streets - boy, I yelled, Eli, Stop...ooohh scared me....he looked at me like, What, whats the matter?  I said, boy dont you know better than to run out in the street..yes...wellllll...
Well, I decided that I was going to cheat and get dollar hamburgers for the kids instead of cooking...got them dinner, went home, put them in the rooms - walked into mine and there was Johnny - asleep on the bed -
ahh - I said what are you doing, thought you were going to be gone for a while he said they didnt end up working - boy I could have left the kids at home, done my thing and bang everything would be done - fast and easy...but that is how it goes...
for the most part they have stayed in their rooms tonight and bed time was at 8 - so heres to a pretty good day..and tomorrow is Friday and I have no children this weekend...so Goodbye until then...


So I had a meeting this morning at 8:30 am with the Athletic Coach at Maypearl...due to the volleyball schedule and issues with the coaches where Chesney is concerned. So I took the kids to school instead of their dad, now let me explain that because my kids fight over who is going to sit in the front seat I have assigned days for each kid, and it lasts all day long. Well Eli thought it was his day, Chesney said it was her day, so I am sitting in the car waiting on Eli to get in the car, trying to figure out who is right.
Eli refuses to get in the car, 'I am not going to school if I have to sit in the back it is my turn.'
I call their dad either to get him to tell them to knock it off or something....just something....
Finally, Chesney gets out of the car and gets in the back seat and we proceed to school....while i am telling them not to say nasty stuff to each other.

Christy (sister) brings them home after school and since it is Wednesday they all go to their other parents house; so I swing by my ex's no one is there, go by the babysitters pick up Sissy. Go home. Drop everyone off, tell Chesney I will be right back, had to go to the bank for mom.

Went back home, plopped on my bed exhausted and tried to figure out if I wanted to take a nap, read a book or just stare at the ceiling...till the kids went away. Well ended up taking a nap...
Got woke up by Chesney saying that Sissy was crying....so I pulled myself together and by that time Sissy was knocking on my door..so I asked her what was up and why was she crying...

She wanted to call her mother to see if she was getting picked up...I said yes you are getting picked up and she should be here in the next 30 min....what else is wrong.., she said, 'I am bored and I want to watch a movie in the boys room. and I thought about it for a min and said, ' No, you are grounded to your room for what you decided to do in the library, it was not my choice to act up and it wasn't my choice to disobey, it was your choice not to listen and you have to take responsibility for your actions and your punishment for disobeying me several times was being grounded to your room, the whole point is so you are bored and you remember what you did so maybe you wont do it again, so no, you are grounded to your room just like the boys are grounded to theirs.
So not happy but obeying she went back into her room.
I went and checked on her and the boys a little while later and she is making necklaces with her jewelry kit and the boys are watching a movie, well Chesney was in there....
What I should have said was, Chesney get out because they are grounded. What I did instead (and I will explain my reasoning) was tell Sissy she could watch a movie with them but only for today.
First, they are all going to the other parent where my discipline actions are not going to be backed up at the ex-wife, my ex will back me up...but is it fair to have Eli still grounded when the other two are getting off scott free ? no, it really isn't, so that was fine, parents showed up shortly afterwards anyways.
They left and I did a few running around things, and came home....

not too bad today...


I started my day off getting the kids to school and passing out for another couple of hours due to a late night of homework.

I have all of our children are split between two schools.
Chesney, Eli and Trey attend Maypearl Elementary and Middle School.
Tristyn and Krystian attend Northside Elementary in Waxahachie.
It is about 20 min apart.

I received a call from my kids school (Maypearl) around 12 pm stating there was early release at 1 due to a water pipe leak; so I headed out there.
I picked up the two boys first and then Chesney and headed to my mothers for a few hours. The boys have been trying to spend the night with her for a couple of weeks now and because my father is out of town in Nairobi it is too hard on her, so she told them no not tonight.
I told Chesney to tell the boys to come down it was time to leave. Now let me explain that all my kids have issues about sitting in the front seat, or who's turn is it - so I started designating days for each kid, all day long, no matter what, if you choose to give up your spot you cannot take it back, you cannot take someone Else's day it is gone, so either keep the day or give it up.
Well I thought it would solve my problems, it hasn't.
I am getting in the car and it is Trey's turn today. Eli is standing outside the car because he was sitting in the seat before Chesney got there and he wanted her to move. She said she was there first, I say just get in the car, we wait for a couple of minutes and I start to get out of the car and Chesney decided to change seats.
"no, nasty talk to each other."

I get home, and am waiting on Sissy to walk home from school so we can get her glasses exchanged for some that actually fit her face, all the kids wanted to go with me so I loaded everyone up, we get to WalMart Eye Center where I am getting a copy of the receipt from the last visit - the kids are going in and out of the door, in and out so I tell them to sit down in the chair. The girl at the counter runs out of paper and then cannot find the replacement paper so I told her I would go next door and come back.
I get into the lenses department, tell the boys and Chsney to sit on the bench outside the department; Trey rolls his eyes at me a couple of times, but they all went and sat down, meanwhile Sissy is trying on glasses and finally found a pair that she can wear; she tells Chesney that they look like they have zebra stripes on the sides; as I am checking out, I tell the girls to sit on one bench and the boys to sit on another/ Trey sighs again, Chesney wants to know if she can sit on the other bench because she doesn't want to sit with the boys but she doesn't want to sit by Sissy either so she stands.
I leave there after it taking 15 min just to get the CSM to hit the button so I could get the receipt, go get the other receipt and leave.
As I am walking out the door the boys tattled on Chesney and said she was mad at Sissy because of her glasses having a zebra print on the side. (Chesney started the zebra fad in our house and feels as if it is hers alone).
We get in the car, I turned around told Chesney that she had no right to get mad, she should be glad that we didn't pick a pair that looked identical to hers.

Well I had to go to the library to drop off some books and movies, otherwise I would have taken them all home.

Get to the library, my college advisor called as I was parking, so I told the kids to take the books in and I would be right there.
Chesney comes out and says the librarian needs to talk to me...all I could think of was 'oh please tell me my kids haven't done something in the library' so I asked my counselor to call me back and I went inside.
Well the movie was not in the case. So I had to load up the kids, go home, look for the movie, and go back to the library.
Finally get inside, give her the movie have the kids go get themselves a book I got a couple of books and am at the counter checking everything out.
First. all my kids want a library card. so I am filling out the cards for them and the boys and sissy are goofing off, being loud and I tell them to be quiet. No sooner do I turn around they are stomping on each others feet, talking loudly so I turn around again, said all of yall go sit right over there on the floor do not talk just sit and wait.
Meanwhile there is a huge line behind me, I am trying to find out about some books that i need ordered, chesney's card is blocked have to get that straightened out and she wants a book put on hold for her.
I am trying to take care of all of this, get the cards finished, take care of Chesney, and am still having to turn around and get on to the kids.
I finally get done, apologize to the woman and we leave.

because we were acting up in the library.
because you asked us to stop and we didn't

Walked out into the hallway a couple of time and had to sit them down and explain to them what grounded to your room meant. (NO PLAYING IN HALLWAY, OR ANY OTHER ROOM IN THE HOUSE BUT YOUR OWN, ONLY ALLOWED TO LEAVE IF YOU HAVE TO GO TO THE BATHROOM AND IF IT BECOMES A HABIT YOU WILL HAVE TO ASK ME PERMISSION. ANYTHING ELSE HAS TO BE ASKED IF YOU ARE ABLE TO DO IT.) Now if I catch you out of your room one more time you will have either another day added to your grounding or I will start taking items out of your room. Your choice.

Didn't hear from anyone for the rest of the night.