Tuesday, January 18, 2011

ugghhh stupidity

Sometimes I wonder if we all feel that others are just stupid, actions, how they think, or how can they think like that.
and then I realize that we have all been on the reciprocating end of that thought...probably with the same person we are thinking it about.

How do you think that your daughter is: 1) not a child 2) can make her own desicions 3) doesnt have to have a relationship with her father 4) you are protecting her from her father 5) but he is supposed to win her trust over 6) but not at his house 7) but he needs to get to  know her 8) but not at his house


And I just got done telling her nicely everything he just told her... ya know how

the only way to stop a child from playing you is real simple...

Parent are to have a united front in everything concerning the children
Communicate with the other parent
Let the child know that they are in agreement with everything - desicions, punishment, rewards
Let the child know that they know what they are doing and it is not going to work anymore, they will do what they are told and if not or there are fits then punishment will ensue, NO EXCEPTIONS

And dont give in because you dont feel like messing with it ( I know how it is to feel like 'fine, fine, whatever I am tired and I dont feel like messing with you so I am going to give in'
If you give in, it will never get better, the child will never learn to obey they will learn how to manipulate their parents and adults around them.
If you can realize that your child is not perfect, you will never win the battle
If you give in to them, you will never win the battle
If you cant suck up the crying, fit throwing, screaming and whatever else comes with it, you will never win the battle
If you cant accept advice or opinions from people who are looking in from the outside and can see things you are wantingly blind to, you will never win the battle
Or, if you know all the above, but do not want to face the truth or dont like the person whom is giving the advice, you will never win.
Get over your personal issues, dont beat around the bush with excuse after excuse (grasping for any reason that pops in your head at the moment to justify your reasonings), realize that you are harming your child more by giving in to them and harming them by teaching them what to say to their elders(shouldnt say to their elders)
And last but not least...
You want some alone time? Do you? Really? Are you ever going to get it?


Because you dont have a spine worth standing up and you are ruled by other people, not to say the least that you are teaching your child to rule over you.

Wait let me say that again..

You are teaching your child to rule over you, manipulate you and generally be a 12 year old adult and you are the 30 year old child. Your Whole Life..

Is there a way to stop it? You get peace, we get peace, she gets peace, kids get peace...hmmmm
Dont be an idiot, stop fooling yourself by thinking your daughter is perfect, yet emotionally distraught to the point where you have to protect her, PUUUULLLLeeeezzzzzzzzeeee..............

Anyways, there is my irritation for the night...

How do you have two people tell you the same thing within an hour, and still deny the truth that is staring right at you?  Denial....Idiocy.....Blindness........Hate........Spite........Controling...........Ignorance............

Well I guess I have talked enought trash on here tonight...we will see what the outcome is when he gets back home.....

Maybe we should tell dan to stop the proceedings, and go ahead with the full force custoday battle adn get it over with...like I thought was the better descision, because nothing gets solved by agreement...not unless the judge has the facts and knows what is going on, judge should have talked to the kids..and made his own descision about what was best...hmmm well isnt that a thought...but since I am the one that is saying it...They will never listen..

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