Tuesday, October 5, 2010

10/6/2010 Tuesday

W well I know it's been awhile guess I've been cut out lazy not too much has happened, maybe that's good thing, like one of those things where to start talking about something and then all the sudden everybody stops doing it

Of course, there is the usual petty bickering that I've been told that is normal for siblings.  My sisters can be just as bad as my kids, I am sure they will probably not like me much for that, and I am sure I would hear about it tomorrow, O well

Either way I don't have much to say, although I think I have finely nagged everbody enough that's the kids got to come home and not do chores, they were very happy about that excluding dishes after dinner and since Chesney cooked, the boys did the dishes, sissy put away the dishes, and I cleaned the table.

But I have found an option on my computer that allows me to talk into the microphone and the computer will write for me, so I went and got a 20 dollar microphone so I can dictate what I want to say on my homework or any other program I want; it is definitely a little different and you have to speak very clear or you have a sentence that you are no idea what it is supposed to mean.  A good way to relearn the English language and speak all your syllables correctly in every word. " warning " Don't try this if you have an accent, you will have difficulty!" Ha ha
Anyways I had a meeting was a woman  today who is interested in manufacturing custom women's gloves, some very interesting ideas, so I am going to make a sample to put some numbers together and see if it is worth messing with.
(the microphone is going to have two get used to the way I talk at this point I can type much faster for example, if I just talked like this and I did not fix it and let's say I say caregiver picked a pep talk of the headers by a reality I am talking about the powder puff girls at christie's football game the other day maybe it is about her first due to our channel because it just messed up again see them are trying to see my point that could typed it ended been done on to the next set sentence well I and the awning yawning and I'm going to get to bed at night Goodnight

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