Monday, September 27, 2010

Friday, Sat. Sunday

Well, Friday it is homecoming for Maypearl. Eli is staying with a friend, Chesney is staying with my mom and Trey came home on the bus (to my moms).
There is a parade at 2pm and I am taking Trey and meeting Chesney there, so he can see it, experience something new. It is hot, hot, hot...Went back to mom's.
Chesney stayed and we went home.
I called Sissy's friend and asked her if she wanted to stay the night, she said yes and all I had was Trey. Tried to find him a friend to go with but we are still working on making friends at new school and getting him in the routine. So Johnny took him to go see a movie and I finished my book.

The end....

Chesney is at bowling in the morning, Eli and Sissy are still at their friends and we are hanging out until whatever happens.
I had been wanting to get the kids to pick up the back yard, so I figured I would wait until they all arrived. ( You know, the 'its not fair' topic)
Anyways, Chesney came home, Johnny and Trey went to my mom's to cut some trees down, Eli decided to stay another night as well as Sissy.
So Chesney asks if her friend Mariah can stay the night; her mom is on her way home and said she would drop her off before she went home, I told her that was fine - well lo and behold, her mother changed her mind, and went home instead. So Chesney is calling her dad, grandma anyone to see if they would go get Mariah -- no one could. So I told Chesney that if it wasnt too late I would get her when Johnny came home - so she calls my mom's house and asks to speak to Johnny about what time he is planning on coming home. He said 6-7.
Matt said he would take her home if she found a ride.
Well Johnny calls and asks me what is going on, after Chesney called a second time to see when he was coming home. - I Told him, well he went and picked up Mariah before he came home ( not happy about it)
I call Mariah's mom to see if she would meet Johnny 5 min down the road with Mariah so he wouldnt get lost. No Answer. So I told Chesney to call Mariah and see if we could get a response out of her that way - Mariah answered the phone, asked her mom and she said no, she was tired and wasnt going anywhere. So I told Mariah to put her mom on the phone, and she would not take the phone and told Mariah she wasnt taking the phone. OOOOhhhh - can you imagine me at this point??? I was livid! So I told Mariah to be ready by the time Johnny got there. He brought her home.

Well we have a puppy, got her for Eli's birthday, and she loves to run down the street, loves people, you have to watch her or she will shoot out of the door and be around the block in a couple of minutes.
Johnny is looking for Trey, he is outside on the skateboard going after Sparkles - Johnny told him to come back, and Chesney went to go get her. Well Trey is coming up the driveway, drops the skateboard in the middle of the road and continues up to the house - I said, " Are you going to just leave the skateboard there?" He said, "It is not mine." and proceeded up to the house, I said, " Excuse me, it is not yours? Then why are you riding it?" he said, " I'm not" I had to suck in my breath, and said," well, if it isnt yours and you are not going to pick it up after riding it then you are not allowed to play with it at all." He said, "it isnt mine, so okay"
Johnny came out at that time, and asked what was going on...I was sputtering...So I said, I told him to pick up the skateboard out of the middle of the road and he told me it wasnt his, twice, and Johnny asked him what his problem was...grounded him to his room for the rest of the night..
I am sure Mariah and Chesney had fun with no one to bother them.

The End.


So...Johnny and Trey go to a friends house for a side job...Mariah and Chesney are playing, I figured I would take a break and read a book. Nice outside, no problems (at the moment) just nice and relaxing.
Eli came home, Sissy came home, Johnny and Trey came home.
Told everyone they could take a break from the computer today, Johnny is trying to get some sleep before he goes to work and the computer table is right next to our doorway....go outside, play, nice get out of the house.
Eli has a problem because he was "outside for like 30 min" so I told him he was grounded from the computer for two days since he wanted to throw a fit about what I said.
Everyone goes outback...I figured I would sit out there with them, finish my book, whatever...but there is no where to sit because everything is dirty, muddy or broken.
They all looked terribly I put the book down and said well lets clean up the backyard, and started giving everyone jobs..including myself.
Pick up all the pool stuff and put it in the box we store it in
Pick up all the trash and clothes

Move the Tables into the laundry room
The radio in the laundry room
Sweep the patio off and the laundry room
Take all the dishes inside the house to get washed. (Like my kitchen knife that has mud caked on it?Why?)(But no one knows what I am talking about)
In reality it did not take that long to get things done.

I had to explain to Sissy twice about picking up the pool stuff, and the trash.
Trey wanted to do what I was telling everyone else to do instead of what I was telling him to do.
Eli wanted to play
Chesney was hanging in the background hoping I wouldnt give her anything else.


Either way, we got everything done, I was in the laundry room - RE-sweeping after the kids - when I heard a shout....

To explain - we have neighbors who we have had an issue with since they moved into the neighborhood. We have had to call the police on them 5 have them quit harassing us...strange...
Anyways, the last time we call the cops we had them press charges for Disorderly Conduct.
A Stray Cat, wandered into my back yard and I have a Pittbull....umm...hmmm....your probably going to get eaten and how stupid of a cat can you be to walk up to a dog that is barking at you????
Anyways, my dog killed it...but as I was coming outside to see what the commotion was, I realized he had a cat, went and got him off of it, picked up the cat - the thing is biting chunks into my finger and died shortly afterwards...the neighbor was cussing, screaming and threateningly advancing towards me about this cat ( that is not even theirs ) The wife is threatening to kill my dog...the husband wants me to show him the cat -  while he is yelling and screaming at me - UM NOO...anyways...called the did scare me...women are one thing but men when they get into that rage is something else..there are only a few men that I have stood up to when they were in that type of mood, my father and my husband are a couple...but I am usually in the mood too when that happens...but a strange that scares me...

I do not make it a habit of calling the cops on people, but after a is the only thing that you can do to get the harassment to stop.

...........Anyways....The neighbor woman is yelling at MY kids across the fence " You had better not be trying to get my F****** cat over into your F****** yard so your F******* dog can eat it...I better not hear you calling them."

Talk about instantaneous righteous anger!!! WOW..
I stepped out of the laundry she could see me...and I want to say a Bellowing voice..because it surprised me at how loud I was talking with out any effort..."DO NOT TALK TO MY CHILDREN!!  DO NOT SAY ANYTHING TO MY KIDS!!"
She said, " I will say what I want, you better make sure your dog doesnt eat my F****** cats and better make sure your kids arent F******* coaxing them over to feed your F******** dog.


She said , "NO, but we take care of them."

"Well how stupid is it to have cats in an ALL DOG Neighborhood????...DO NOT TALK TO MY KIDS AGAIN OR WE WILL HAVE A PROBLEM< I WILL CALL THE COPS ON YOU>>

She said, " Go ahead"

SO...I Did.
Boy I am going to tell you what , Fastest they have ever been to my house...4 of them....
Told them what was going on...she was next door...well that little sneaky soon as I told her I was calling the cops, she took her kids with their bikes down the street to the stop sign and came back, so when the cops showed up, she looked innocent of anything (officer...batt my eyes...ugh..) she told them I was the one yelling at her..and so on...they dont know blah blah....he said to just call and not tell them, that way they can show up while it is happening and catch them at it..
I said, we dont talk to them, kids included...this is the 5-6 case we have against them. My kids arent stupid enough to call a cat over into our yard to feed him..PULEEEZZZEEE....we have had him for 8 years we know all the animals he has killed and that cat was the first since we have been in town. Would you like to see the list? The dog is on a running line on the other side of our yard so he doesnt bother them and if he is in the back unsupervised there is someone outside with him.
So, next time I will just video the incident and then we will have no question of what or who is right...

But I will say this....she will not do this too many times (kids) or I will end up getting into trouble...I can be vindictive when I need to be...

For the most part things went smoothly the rest of the day...helped the boys build a bark fort...told Eli to shut his mouth no one was allowed to talk to their kids or parents...even if talked to...

Then...that stupid dog, Sparkles, got out...and went into their yard...LOVELY - I had Eli try and get her and when that didnt work I had him get a hot dog - The boy is tearing off pieces and throwing them to her...come on I told him, " get on the ground, hold the hot dog in your hand, let her walk up to you then you grab her" Told him that 3 times...Finally he got her...
Then....the stray kittens that "they take care of" started coming into our yard, had the kids drop them on the other side of their driveway and the still kept coming back.
Please will it never end...LOL>...

Anyways, their older boy met Chesney at the fence got the kittens and that was the end of our disaster for the least what I can tell you anyways.

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