Thursday, September 16, 2010


Well, I have not had a chance to interact with the kids yet today, but it is almost time for them to get out of school, we will see what happens when we get home....2pm

Okay, it is 9:40pm..I am doing my homework, on facebook and figured I would take a break and finish the day. Today was okay.
Picked up the kids from school (only kids I pick up are at Maypearl, C/E/T), everyone knew it was Chesney's day, so no problems there; It is Thursday, payday, I drive to Matt's and drop Chesney off, then I swung by Janet's and picked up Sissy, she doesnt have a technical day for riding up front in the car since she doesnt get picked up from school, we live down the street from her school and she walks home and to school.
So I headed to the bank, there was a misunderstanding in my accounts and I had to take care of that, as well as my check - I told the kids (who know they are still grounded) to sit on the couches, stay put and be quiet.
I was probably there for about 15-20 min, I didnt hear anything so I turned around to check on them, and lo and behold, Trey is standing over Sissys chair, they were all in different chairs, Eli is hanging upside down head on the floor with the rest of of him headed up the couch. So I excused myself, walked over, told Trey to sit down, Eli to sit down and I dont want to see any of you out of the chair I see you in now, I know you have energy but this is a business and you need to behave in here, so dont even stand up, you sit on your bottom (which made them giggle) and be still.
I went back to my chair, since I already had a problem I kept checking on them every few minutes, well, I look and they are laying on the couch, saw me looking back and sat up. Looked back again and Trey is standing up, so I walked over again and told them that they were already grounded, we wouldnt be much longer and if I so much as saw them stand up or sprawl out on the couches they would be grounded for another three days. Thank goodness, either we got out of there shortly afterwards or they just decided to behave.
After that I had to go by two places downtown, so I parked the car and figured we would walk there so they could get their energy out a little. So we walked and went up stairs and went downstair and pushed the button to cross the street and waited for the sign to turn, ran across streets, went into the next place and headed back; we got across to the last street and the boys are running, mind you this is downtown - cars are parked on the side of the street so you cant see clearly and Eli is hauling his rear-end across both streets - boy, I yelled, Eli, Stop...ooohh scared me....he looked at me like, What, whats the matter?  I said, boy dont you know better than to run out in the street..yes...wellllll...
Well, I decided that I was going to cheat and get dollar hamburgers for the kids instead of them dinner, went home, put them in the rooms - walked into mine and there was Johnny - asleep on the bed -
ahh - I said what are you doing, thought you were going to be gone for a while he said they didnt end up working - boy I could have left the kids at home, done my thing and bang everything would be done - fast and easy...but that is how it goes...
for the most part they have stayed in their rooms tonight and bed time was at 8 - so heres to a pretty good day..and tomorrow is Friday and I have no children this Goodbye until then...

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