Monday, September 27, 2010


I hope you realize that this blog is only about the trials and tribulations (LOL) I go through with the kids, if I put everything that happens in our lives on this blog, well for one, there would be way too much information about the "EX" issues(dont need that) and I would be writing allllllll the time (which I do anyways, I have found in life that taking notes, recordings and videos is the only thing that can help you in whatever issue you may be dealing with.

....Well, I will start on Thursday -

Kids got picked up by Johnny at school, Chesney had been sick that day so she stayed home; once the kids arrived I had everyone start with their homework, after that their chores. Well let me say this, when I talk about chores around our house it is the HUMONGOUS pile of clothes, dishes, trash, whatever they just dont feel like messing with at the moment and then they go to the other parents and it never gets finished, (laundry*** I have two loads left to wash**WHOO)
Anyways, once I get on a roll about cleaning up the house, you better do it the right way the first time or you will do it over and over and over until it is clean.
Such as the dishes. Now how hard is it to wash your dish when you walk to the sink? Not hard, then it is done, clean, no mess.
Chores went like this.
Sissy picked up the garage sale laundry the dogs took out of the bags, that was all over the back room and she washed the dishes.
Trey and Eli are responsible for washing and drying laundry and the trash.
Chesney swept the floors and picked up living room and front porch. (She did the bathroom on Tuesday)

So I tell Eli to take out the trash, and Trey to switch the laundry - Trey looked at me and said, "by myself?" I said, "yes, at the moment, unless you want to question me again and then you can do all by yourself today?"
That got him going.
So I told both boys to pick up all the laundry from off the floor, in the kitchen and stack it neatly in the baskets - of course there was only half the clothes in the baskets with the baskets half full - so I called them in again and said I told yall to get all the laundry off the floor - "well there is no room" - yes there is you can stack the basket against the wall and get the rest of the clothes off the floor and pick them up.
Then they went and cleaned their room.

Sissy started on the dishes and she has a bad habit of, swish over the plate and stick it in the drainer (NASTY) - So I told her, make sure all the dishes are clean, with nothing on them, no grease, no spots of food and the counters wiped down or I will have you re-wash everything, clean or not. A few minutes later she held up a pan and said is this clean? There was so much gunk on the pan, you could look at it from across the room and tell it was dirty. "Does it look clean?" she said "No" ---"Wellll?"
Then she went and cleaned her room.

Chesney sweeps the kitchen floor and starts to put the broom away. I am looking at the floor like, ewww, you call this clean? So I said, look how much dirt I am going to sweep up after you swept and tell me if you did your job correctly? So I did, and of course there was a pile of dirt, then I told her she needed to sweep the hallway and the living room - The correct way?

Everyone finished up their room, I took Chesney to her dad's, and we finished out the night.

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